Elisa speaks – Data Expert in the media

Elisa’s data expertise and market insights continue to ensure her popularity as a professional speaker and media personality across print, radio, TV, conferences and podcasts.


Week 1: Key Issues for Voters | Channel 7

Week 5: Australians are ‘Bobble-Heading’ | Channel 10 

Final Week: Prediction | Channel 7 

Final Week: Seats to Swing | Sky News

Final Week: Predicting Labor | AusBiz TV

Election Day: Nailed It |
Channel 9 

Election Day: Final Prediction|
3AW Melbourne

Post Election Reflections |
West Live Radio

Post Election: Told you so |
ABC Radio

on data, AI and Life

Is Big Data friend or foe?

Books that feed my mind |
ABC Radio SA

How did I get into big data and AI?

Smart Community Podcast

Unleashing Brilliance with Janine Garner

Indians most keen to live in Australia | SBS Radio Hindi

Who cares to migrate to Australia? | ABC Sydney Radio

Data is Queen | SME TV

Growing up ABC
‘Australian Bred Chinese’

and Events

How Data can Change the World One Byte at a Time

How To Re-Engage TV Audiences Using AI
(Starts At 26:00)

Data Whisperer: The Art of Storytelling through Data

AI: Where you should invest time, energy & budget

AI-powered Social Listening, Marketing, and SEO

Predicted Trends in Global Wellness 2021

The making of a dirty lesbian in an Asian household

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